BSRIA announces it will work on the EU Build2Spec project on building performance


BSRIA is to participate in the Horizon 2020 research project Build2Spec, which aims to reduce the gap between the design and performance of a building

How we want buildings to perform and how they actually do perform once construction is complete is often not the same. In 2015, an EU funded project Build2Spec was launched to reduce the gap between expectations and reality. The BSRIA has joined this project, hoping to use its expertise to reduce the energy performance gap.

The Horizon 2020 project hopes to help deliver the objectives necessary to meet EU energy efficiency targets by ensuring the energy performance of new buildings and retrofits are as low as possible. This is being achieved through technological advances and on-site quality assurance tools.

Among the technologies being utilised for the project is 3D and imagery tools; building information modelling (BIM); smart building components; energy efficiency quality checks; indoor air quality tools; airtightness test tools; thermal imaging tools; and acoustic tools. These will be connected to a virtual construction management platform (VCMP) that will allow the sharing of project data from design to delivery.

Utilising tools and technology

BSRIA’s role in this project will include determining the requirements to integrate the thermal inspection techniques with the VCMP system. This will be achieved by examining the technology involved, training specifications, systems operation and identifying potential limits of these techniques for both now and in future.

This will give construction workers the ability to perform quality checks using a thermal imaging camera, even with limited training and technical expertise. Results can then be uploaded to the VCMP system so progress can be monitored by the technical expert, manager and client.

The BSRIA will also look into air tightness indoor air quality checks in buildings.

Divya Deepankar, Research Engineer, BSRIA Sustainable Construction Group, said: “BSRIA is delighted to be working with the EU on this exciting research project that aims to reduce the gap between the design and build performance of a building.

“This project is in sync with BSRIA’s goals and fully supports one of our key strategic ambitions. The crucial outcome of the project is an online virtual construction management platform with integrated tools which will reduce the gap between client/customer and the expert.

“It is great that the scheme is an example of virtual management in the construction sector for all those involved.

“In essence: it is essential that the health of the building is checked on a consistent basis during construction. The Built2Spec project certainly addresses this.”


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