Cadent announces expansion of innovative ‘gas-bots’

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Gas distribution network Cadent has announced a major expansion of its robotics scheme across North London

At an innovative technology showcase held at London’s City Hall, Cadent also announced a major expansion of the CISBOT programme, following on from the successful deployment of the robots in two of London’s busiest locations Oxford Street and The Strand in 2018.

The coming weeks will see CISBOT giving a new lease of life to gas mains in the following London Boroughs: Camden, City of London, City of Westminster, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Richmond Upon Thames, Tower Hamlets and Wandsworth.

The CISBOT was developed by ULC Robotics and enables improvements to the gas network to be delivered smoother, faster and more economically than using traditional methods.

Jobs that before would have needed large excavations and taken months to complete using traditional methods can be done in weeks using CISBOT, which massively reduces the need for large excavations and the risk of gas supply interruptions.

CISBOT needs only one small excavation to access each 500m section of pipeline, enabling work to be done with minimal disruption to the public.

Controlled by a trained team of operators working in an above ground vehicle the gas-bot enters the gas mains via a special insertion tube. Once inside the gas main, which remains live during the process, CISBOT rehabilitates the gas main joints by injecting a special sealant into them. This reduces the risk of future gas escapes and extends the life of ageing gas pipes by decades.

James Harrison, Cadent head of operations for London, said: “Cadent and ULC Robotics are spearheading a robotic roadworks revolution with CISBOT.

“CISBOTs work in The Strand and Oxford Street last year was so successful that we’re now rolling the robots out across our London network, where they’ll help us to do work faster, smoother and more economically than ever before.

“In many instances the robo-revolution will be happening beneath Londoner’s feet without them even knowing it as the technology is very low impact.

“However people should increasingly notice the tangible benefits CISBOT brings including less above ground disruption and the continued provision of safe and reliable gas supplies.”


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