Construction sector can solve some of the major challenges facing government


A new report, set to launch this afternoon, will outline how the construction sector can solve some of the current problems in the UK

The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) will today launch a new report outlining the role the construction sector, alongside the property industry, can play in solving some of the biggest challenges the government is facing.

The ‘Building Places That Work for Everyone’ report is set to be launched by the chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board George Freeman MP later today. Freeman will address business leaders in the House of Commons, outlining the findings of the report.

The UK-GBC says in the document outlines how the construction and property industry can address the needs of communities by creating sustainable, energy efficient buildings.


The report comes at a time when the government is in the throes of consulting on the Industrial Strategy as well as the Housing White Paper.

Inroads are also being made into preparing the Emissions Reduction Plan and the UK Air Quality Plan.

Pressure is mounting on government, in particular, in relation to housing. There has been much speculation recently about the ability of government to meet its housing targets, but the UK-GBC said the construction and property industry have the ability and the desire to work with government to achieve its goals.

This would include delivering the one million homes promised by the government rapidly and sustainably. Other measures comprise of providing more than 100,000 jobs from energy efficiency; reducing household bills and fuel poverty; reducing GP appointments by implementing energy efficiency schemes; and boosting local employment and skills growth. This, the UK-GBC said, will create healthier lives while developing stronger communities.

Key recommendations

The report outlines a number of key policy principles that can be adopted by the government. These include:

Policy to give businesses the confidence to invest in innovation and skills

Public sector leadership in creating high quality, sustainable places to drive up standards across the market

A long-term approach to a development’s contribution to the community

Allowing industry the flexibility to identify the best approaches to delivery, avoiding unnecessary red tape

Speaking at the launch later today, Freeman is expected to say: “The construction and property industry clearly plays a key role in helping the Government to unlock the economic and social potential from our built environment.

“This report from the UK Green Building Council will help to ensure that the Government works cohesively across all Departments to focus on the clear benefits to society from building efficient sustainable homes for everyone as we continue to grow our dynamic modern economy.”

UK-GBC and industry uniquely positions to help

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive, said the UK-GBC was in a unique position to help the government meet and tackle some of the key challenges it faces via its relationship with those in the built environment.

“Through publishing this report, we are launching a new conversation with policy-makers in pursuit of a shared vision in which the places we live and work can support multiple economic, social and environmental priorities; ultimately: building places that work for everyone,” she said.

Dan Labbad, CEO International Operations, Lendlease is also set to speak during the launch. He will say: “As we need to deliver more homes, faster, it is my contention that we will achieve this by delivering better homes as part of better places.

“Places that can facilitate skilling and job creation, emissions reductions and the creation of healthier environments for local people.

“This report from UK-GBC is the best example so far on how these Government priorities can be achieved by working with the industry.”

The launch of the report will take place this afternoon in the House of Commons.


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