Interserve hands over Margam Green Energy Plant


Interserve Group Limited and its project partner Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S (Vølund), have handed over the Margam biomass energy plant to Margam Green Energy Ltd

The 40MW Margam Green Energy Plant, a wood-fired biomass power station, is located near Port Talbot, South Wales. The Margam Green Energy Plant will generate green electricity to supply power to approximately 75,000 homes.

Margam Green Energy is an innovative green energy biomass plant which utilises recycled woodchip material. Within the main building, a complex network of ducts passes around the outside of the boiler which produces enough energy to superheat the water creating steam at 1000oC. It is designed to process up to 264,000 tons of biomass each year from municipal collection points, construction sites and other industrial and commercial sources.

Vølund will operate the plant for its customer under a 15-year operations and maintenance contract.

The completion of the Margam project marks Interserve’s third Energy from Waste plant to be handed over this year, following on from the Dunbar and Templeborough power plant projects.

Chris Tyerman, director for infrastructure and engineering services, said: “We are pleased to have reached completion on this biomass plant which will contribute to the renewable energy requirements of South Wales.

“Interserve Group Limited remains focused on exiting the Energy from Waste business this year.”


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