Solar heating company appoints new Chief Executive


Martin Wright, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) and former Managing Director of energy company, Marine Current Turbines, has been appointed Chief Executive of Minus 7

Minus 7 is a UK company that has designed and manufactured a revolutionary solar heating, hot water and energy storage system.  Installed in social housing schemes, new build homes and in retrofitted schemes, Minus 7’s system is able to reduce the heating bill of an average three-bedroom home to around £200 per year.

Minus 7’s patented system is a low carbon heat technology that delivers heat and hot water 365 days of the year.  It has the ability to harvest energy at much lower temperatures than other similar technologies, enabling it to deliver significantly higher money saving and lower CO2 benefits.

Martin Wright has been an investor and a director of Minus 7 since 2015, and succeeds Hamish Wilson who continues as executive director of the company.  During his tenure as CEO, Hamish expanded the product range, improved the operations of Minus 7 and has handed over the reins to Martin to lead the next phase of Minus 7’s development and growth.

Martin said: “I’m excited to be taking the helm at Minus 7 at a time where our technology can come to the fore:  households up and down across the county want energy efficient homes and lower energy costs. The Minus 7 solar heating, hot water and energy storage system delivers this, as well as providing a real answer to energy poverty, as such it appeals to housebuilders and social housing providers.  Our renewable heating systems provide real tangible benefits for households helping people live in comfortable conditions whilst reducing the stress and anxiety of watching the monthly bills”.

Solar heating

Minus7, headquartered in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, won the 2016 Commercial Low Carbon Star of the Future Award at CleanTech Innovate.


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