NCC enters agreement with Cobuilder to introduce standardised digital language

digital language
Egil Berg from NCC og Lars Chr. Fredenlund from Cobuilder

NNC’s collaboration with Cobuilder will enable the introduction of a standardised digital language in all projects

NCC has taken a major step in its digitalisation journey and is laying the foundation for the introduction of a standardised digital language in all of the Group’s projects.

Cobuilder offers solutions for developing standardised data templates (DTs). Data templates can be described simply as a library for a standardised digital language that provides for instance information on the materials used in construction projects.

In large-scale construction projects, the standardised language will provide even greater benefits, particularly in terms of how data can be used to improve collaboration and various processes in the design, product selection, sustainability and management.

By using standardised data, NCC will further advance its position in making the construction industry digital.

The first projects to implement data templates are in NCC’s construction operations in Sweden.

‘The construction industry is lagging behind in terms of digitalisation’

Egil Berg, lead technical specialist i Group VDC at NCC, said: “The construction industry is lagging behind in terms of digitalisation and is still largely characterised by lack of free information flow and silos between disciplines, actors and countries.

“This makes digital collaboration more difficult across the board. Now we want to do something about it. NCC is on its way to becoming a data-informed company.

“The increased information exchange and the improved interaction between all partners in the projects helps us to reduce the risk of errors and enables us to work more efficiently with complex project requirements.

“We are now working to introduce the data templates in all countries that we operate in. This will streamline our processes for creating, managing and sharing data between projects, actors and countries.”

Lars Chr. Fredenlund, CEO of Cobuilder, said: “Most actors in the industry – both clients and contractors – will admit that it is difficult to obtain detailed information about the products used in a construction project. With standardised data templates, this information becomes easily accessible.”


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