Predictive Weather and Climate Analytics


Everybody knows the British like to talk about the weather but when it comes to construction, meteorological conditions are more than just a topic of conversation to pass the time

High winds, torrential downpours and extreme temperatures can have a huge impact on a project’s progress and cost. In 2018, for example, the Beast from the East cost the industry nearly £2bn in just three days.

With increasingly extreme and erratic weather set to become more common, this ebook from MetSwift looks at how artificial intelligence, combined with machine learning and advanced analytics, can transform construction processes by providing accurate weather insights to inform planning in both the short and long term.

Weather data in BIM

It looks at how weather data in BIM, which is currently based on historical records and offers no forecasting element integrated into 4D or 5D, could be revolutionised by advances in AI that offer weather insights that are faster, accurate and more responsive to project needs.

MetSwift’s data scientists, meteorologists, coders and business specialists have developed AI algorithms that forecast far beyond existing numerical models, using data from weather stations covering more than 98% of the globe.

Replacing numerical modelling with statistically driven machine learning can provide remarkably accurate statistical probability percentages for construction firms’ operational weather limits – and most notably extreme weather events – uniquely far in advance.

Incorporating MetSwift’s meteorological conditions prediction with BIM offers a paradigm shift, offering real-time changes in time and cost analysis.

Revolutionising weather analysis

Elsewhere, James Banasik, MetSwift’s CEO, explains how and why machine learning is revolutionising not only downtime management but also how short- and long-term forecasting can integrate responsive weather prediction into all project stages.

In addition, MetSwift’s meteorologists, data and climate scientists, and sector specialists explain why innovative weather risk analysis will drive the insurance sector’s adaptability in a rapidly changing climate.

And MetSwift meteorologist Shaun Pammenter MSc examines whether we are asking the right weather-related questions when it comes to construction projects – and if we can trust the answers.


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