CITB announces changes to apprenticeship support service


CITB has expanded its apprenticeship support service throughout 2021 to benefit all levy-registered construction employers

CITB currently offers employer and apprenticeship support for 7,000 contracted apprenticeships – around a third of the total marketplace.

Under the plans, CITB will offer a support service to all employers with apprentices, on an employer demand-led basis.

To facilitate this, CITB will move direct, funded delivery of apprenticeships in England to existing providers. While funded apprenticeship support will continue in Scotland and Wales, the demand-led, wider offer will also apply in those nations.

Support for employers will include:

  • Help to access grants,
  • Assistance choosing the right apprenticeship standard and the right training provider,
  • Guidance through the government’s online apprenticeships system,
  • And building partnerships with colleges and training providers.

CITB will also continue to offer some recruitment services to employers who recruit large numbers of apprentices each year, along with advice, guidance and support materials for all employers

For apprentices CITB will provide local data-driven careers advice, matching applicants to vacancies, and e-learning, supporting Maths and English.

Direct contact with apprentices will be employer-driven but CITB says it will continue to offer support, at an employer’s request, particularly for those with educational and social needs or who are at risk of leaving.

‘Improve the chances of young people achieving their qualification’

Deborah Madden, CITB head of apprenticeships, said: “Apprenticeships are central to the way industry trains the workforce it needs for the future, and we know that employers value the support we provide, particularly smaller firms.

“In 2017 the government and industry made clear that the way CITB provided services had to change, and these changes deliver on that commitment.

“The aim is to make it as easy as possible for construction employers, particularly SMEs, to take on and manage apprentices, and to improve the chances of those young people achieving their qualification.”

CITB will no longer actively recruit for new starts beyond April 2021, with prospective candidates and their employers instead referred to alternative training providers.

All current CITB apprentices will continue to be supported through to completion.

The expanded CITB apprenticeships support service will be paid for from within existing levy funds, with no levy increase.


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