CITB begins search for new CEO


The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has begun its hunt for a new chief executive, as Sarah Beale prepares to leave the role this autumn

CEO since 2017, Sarah Beale will exit the role this autumn after tendering her resignation towards the end of last year.

The purpose of the role is to maximise the value of the Levy, provide inclusive and inspirational leadership of CITB, and deliver strong organisational performance against agreed business plans.

The successful candidate will also represent the organisation at senior levels of the UK government and the devolved governments of Scotland and Wales and work with industry to secure and maintain support.

‘A critical time for the construction industry’

Peter Lauener, chair of CITB, said: “This appointment comes at a critical time for the construction industry. Employers are recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic and need practical support to ensure their immediate skills needs are met.

“In addition, we have longer-term challenges like the government’s 2050 Net Zero target to fight climate change, the move towards digital skills and the need to recruit workers to support home-building and infrastructure growth.

“The new CEO will be one of the driving forces behind meeting these skills challenges and making sure that CITB is responsive to the changing needs of construction employers across England, Scotland and Wales.

“It’s a brilliant job for the right person and we expect a strong field of candidates.”

The role is now advertised and has a deadline of 7 March for applications.

You can get more information here.


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