Construction salaries jump 9% thanks to ‘Brexodus’

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Construction salaries have jumped 9% to £45,900 in the 12 months to the end of May, according to a survey compiled by Randstad Construction, Property & Engineering

Data from almost 6,800 permanent placed construction jobs revealed that construction salaries across the industry rose by 9% in the 12 months to 31 May 2019, despite a fall in the number of vacancies being advertised. Average pay rose from £42,300 a year ago to £45,900.

Randstad Construction, Property & Engineering said that the rise in wages was due to a shortage of talent caused by a builder ‘Brexodus’.

Site engineers appeared to experience the fastest growth in construction salaries, with average asking salaries surging 19%, from £37,100 to £44,300.

Owen Goodhead, managing director of Randstad Construction, Property & Engineering, said: “Our research shows that construction workers from overseas are being put off coming to the UK and those that are here are thinking about moving elsewhere.

“We know that over a third of European construction workers who are already here have considered leaving the UK due to Brexit.

“This should be of huge concern to industry leaders and the government, especially in the capital where nearly one in three people working in London’s construction sector were born in the EU.

“The shrinking pool of EU talent is already driving up wages – that’s the power of supply and demand. This Builder Brexodus is the referendum’s inheritance.”

Average salaries are higher in London, currently sitting at £53,400.


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