CSCS eliminates 100,000 site visitor cards


The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is continuing to streamline the skills card system with the withdrawal of the Construction Site Visitor card

The Construction Site Visitor card was originally intended for workers who did not perform a construction-related role but visited a site on a regular basis.

However, CSCS has determined that the card no longer fits with its desire for a fully qualified workforce.

Graham Wren, Chief Executive at CSCS said: “Following the closure of the Construction Related Occupation card in 2017, the Site Visitor card is now the only card issued without the need for the applicant to achieve a recognised qualification.

“The Construction Site Visitor card does not support industry’s desire for a fully qualified workforce and as such it will be withdrawn.”

Following a consultation with the industry, all Construction Site Visitor Cards issued from 3 September 2018 will expire on 31 August 2020 and CSCS will stop issuing the card from 28 February 2020.

All cards issued before 3 September 2018 will remain valid until their expiry date.

Those holding the Construction Site Visitor card will not be required to obtain another skills card.

Historically these workers have applied for the visitor card because they were told to do so by their employer following policies requiring entire sites to be 100% carded – as opposed to construction workers being 100% qualified.

Wren added: “The withdrawal of the Site Visitor card will see an increase in the numbers of individuals turning up to site without a card.

“We are not suggesting site supervisors and managers turn non-cardholders away from site.

“If a worker is there to carry out a construction-related activity then a card is required as proof of their training and qualifications.

“If they are there to perform a non-construction related activity it then becomes the responsibility of site supervisors and managers to induct and supervise these people to ensure they remain safe at all times when on site.”


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