Institution of Structural Engineers announces its 100th president


Don McQuillan has been announced as the 100th President of the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) for 2020

Don McQuillan is a director of global energy resources and environmental consultancy, RPS. He specialises in managing multidisciplinary projects and in forensic engineering.

McQuillan was first elected to the Institution of Structural Engineers council in 1989 and has since been involved at the HQ, particularly with the development of The Structural Engineer, still serving on the editorial advisory group.

He has authored many technical papers, some award winning. McQuillan is also a RAE Visiting Professor. He is passionate about mentoring younger engineers, providing technical support and guidance to members and promoting the Institution as the world leader in structural engineering.

Upon his appointment, McQuillan said: “It is a very special honour to be invited to be our Institution’s 100th President, particularly at a time when the rate of change is unprecedented.

“The climate change emergency, which demands a paradigm shift in mind-set and behaviour, means that we will all have to adapt much more rapidly than ever before.

“The exponential rate of change we are already experiencing could result in the next 30 year period being equivalent to the previous 100 in terms of its significance.

“We must proactively seek to become a truly global Institution with equitable governance representation.”

About the Institution of Structural Engineers

The Institution was originally founded in 1908 as the Concrete Institute. Since 1922 it has been known as the Institution of Structural Engineers.

IStructE upholds standards, shares knowledge, promotes structural engineering and provides a voice for the profession.

It is governed by a board and chaired by the President, now Don McQuillan.


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