Scholarships to deliver pipeline of new engineers


A new scholarship scheme to bring new talent into the engineering construction industry has been launched by the ECITB

The ECITB Scholarship scheme will support up to 250 learners to pursue a 2-year off the job programme in a craft or technical discipline.

It has been developed in direct response to the expected drop in apprenticeship recruitment this year.

Learners will acquire a level 3 engineering certificate as well as relevant site passports.

For employers, this is an opportunity to recruit a young person who has had the requisite training to be either fast-tracked into an advanced stage of an apprenticeship or be recruited as a direct site hire.

A pipeline of new talent

Chris Claydon, chief executive of the ECITB, said: “We recognised many employers face a hugely challenging time at present.

“The scholarship will support industry in the short-term by underwriting the risk to employers of taking on new entrants and in the long term by launching the next generation into engineering careers.

“We know the engineering construction industry will face critical skills shortages over coming years and we have used our labour market intelligence to offer specific disciplines according to forecast regional demand.

“By taking this approach, the scheme will help ensure there are young people, trained and qualified with in-demand skills, to provide a pipeline of new talent for industry when the economy rebounds.”

Eight providers in England will deliver the ECITB scholarship around specific disciplines that correspond with anticipated regional skills shortages.

The application process is managed by the licensed training providers with funding available for 132 learners this year.

Further cohorts of learners will be delivered in Scotland next year as part of our energy transition programme.

Each learner will receive a term-time allowance of £140 per week.


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