Elecosoft acquires interior visualisation software business


Elecosoft plc has announced its acquisition of active online GmbH (active online), a visualisation software business specialising in soft furnishing and materials

active online provides visualisation software to manufactures, interiors brands and designers. It specialises in materials including fabrics, furniture and wallpaper. With its extensive materials photo library, active online enables marketing and design teams to create brochures and catalogues without having to commission expensive photo shoots.

It also enables materials manufactures to support their retailers with a white-labelled consumer design and visualisation tool, which can be plugged into the retailers’ e-commerce offering. active online’s extensive materials library has been made possible by an in-house scanning facility.

active online has also developed AR and VR technological capabilities, meaning consumers can immerse themselves in a 3D environment where they can see surfaces, fabrics and furniture choices come to life in a virtual environment.

The acquisition is complementary to Elecosoft’s ESIGN business, which delivers visualisation software for hard furnishing and flooring.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jonathan Hunter, chief operating officer, Elecosoft said: “Anyone who has tried to re-decorate their home will appreciate how challenging it is to visualise what a room will look like, especially when you are browsing online.

“Visualisation software is yet to be widely adopted, meaning the online customer experience is often a poor second to the physical. We believe there is opportunity to adopt this technology to drive digital transformation.”

Hunter added: “Furthermore, it represents the continued diversification of Elecosoft’s product portfolio to cover the full lifecycle of a building, from planning, design and construction to ongoing maintenance.

“Our aim is to become the world’s leading platform for interior data and active online  further enhances our portfolio by adding new products and technical capabilities.”


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