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Amey says coronavirus is ‘less severe than influenza’ when asked if they would pay their key workers in full if they had to self-isolate due to COVID-19

Coronavirus is ‘less severe than influenza’, this was the response Amey plc gave GMB London when asked if they would pay their key workers in full if they had to self-isolate due to COVID-19.

The provision of refuse services, who provide waste management services for the London Borough of Ealing, is critical during the pandemic and these essential key workers “deserve to be paid fairly by Amey plc for continuing to put themselves at risk whilst serving the residents of Ealing”, says GMB London.

Amey plc’s refusal to pay sick pay means these vital key workers are having to choose health or wealth.

Workers exposing themselves to risk

Keith Williams, GMB senior organiser, said: “It is about stopping the spread and if people only receive SSP they are unable to afford to self isolate.

“There are no other key workers facing an income of £94 per week if by maintaining critical services they are being exposed.

“There needs to be decency and morality on the part of all employers in the current crisis and Amey plc are no exception. This is why many other contractors within the Public Sector have all committed to paying full pay for employees who self isolate or are suffering COVID-19.

“Lots of businesses, throughout the country are in crisis and yet they are still managing to give their employees security during this unprecedented situation.

“Unfortunately, Amey plc wants to put profit before the welfare of their employees within the Ealing waste management contract by refusing to pay employees who self isolate or contract COVID-19 full pay from day one.”

Amey’s response

A representative at Amey plc, said: “This does not reflect Amey’s official position on COVID-19.

“We are resolutely committed to the safety of our employees and the communities we serve, and we can confirm we provide contractual sick pay from day one for any COVID-19 related illness.

“We are working closely with our clients and mobilising all resource required to protect our employees and prioritise work that supports the government in limiting the spread of COVID-19.”


  1. Amey’s response to Covid19 is shocking, I have a friend who works in the kithcens of a school, Amey plc are her employers, she has been sent home as the school has closed, she doesn’t know if she is receiving full pay or if she is furloughed. Amey have told her that IF the school pay them then they will pay her. She is a single parent with 2 children & she can barely afford to pay her bills at the end of each month as it is, the lack of support & communication from Amey plc is increasing her mental & emotional stress.


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