Amey agrees to pay self-isolating workers in full


Amey has agreed to pay all of its UK workers in full if they are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19, this comes after intense lobbying from Unite the union

The commitment to fully pay its UK workers will apply to those who are required to self-isolate for seven days, for 14 days and for those who for health reasons have to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

The commitment to fully pay affected staff will also be backdated.

Unite is also working with Amey to ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to in its workplaces and on its outsourced contracts.

Commitment to pay sick workers

Unite national officer for local authorities Jim Kennedy, said: “This is very good news and I am pleased that following intense lobbying from Unite, Amey are doing the right thing and paying staff in full.

“There are many companies that should take a leaf out of Amey’s book and also pay staff fully to ensure that workers are not penalised during the coronavirus crisis. Workers should not be put into a position where they feel that they have to break self-isolation rules for financial reasons.

“Unite is looking forward to seeing how Amey will tackle the social distancing challenges in its workplace and fully expects that these plans will build on its strong commitment to pay sick workers fairly.

“Amey, and all employers for that matter, should be aware that if they fail to meet the public health guidance on social distancing, Unite will not hesitate to take further action to ensure that the health of our members is not endangered.”

COVID-19 cases

As of 31 March, a total of 143,186 people have been tested for coronavirus, of which 25,150 were confirmed positive and 1,789 people have sadly died.

More than 118,000 people in the UK have been tested for the virus but were found not to have it.


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