NBS appoints Tina Pringle as director of technical content


NBS has appointed Tina Pringle as its new director of technical content to focus on the definition and delivery for digital construction and the built environment

Tina Pringle will be responsible for technical content on a global scale, with a focus on the definition, alignment and delivery of information and structured data for the digital construction and built environment.

After qualifying in International Business and Information Technology, Tina Pringle started her career in project management, before moving focus on the design and development aspects of construction. Since then she has gained over 25 years’ experience in construction, built environment consultancy and master planning, through to major capital project development and asset management.

Since joining NBS as the head of technical information in 2014, Pringle has not only helped the business gain global recognition as a technical content specialist for the digital construction industry but has also become an advocate for promoting digital technology in the North East.

Tina Pringle said: “In the last few years, the digital construction industry has seen rapid change, and it has been fantastic to be part of NBS in helping shape some of that change.

“As NBS continues to grow globally, I am really excited about the opportunities to work with multiple teams across the globe: focusing on the digital dimension of the built environment, using the content within the NBS platform to deliver digital construction, DE and BIM information and data requirements of the future for our clients”.

Chief operating officer (COO) of NBS, Helen Whitfield said: “I am delighted with Tina’s promotion, her experience and deep understanding of the global construction market will support the next stage of NBS’s ambitions growth plans. Combine this with Tina’s relentless focus on customer advocacy and her passion for leading with purpose, NBS is proud to have Tina promoted to their senior team.”


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