Wates appoints new strategy director to drive integrated business

Inna Lim, Wates Integrated Construction Services, WICS,

Wates Construction Group has appointed Inna Lim as the new strategy and integration director for its recently formed group of businesses, Wates Integrated Construction Services (WICS)

Inna Lim joins from Skanska UK, where she was head of strategic markets. Lim will be based at the firm’s London office on Drummond Street.

Lim joins Rob Clifford’s WICS leadership team alongside the recently appointed Prism Offsite Manufacturing director, Dan Sadler.

Her role will be fundamental in helping to establish and bring to market a brand new integrated offer from Wates which will champion emerging technologies, innovation and modern methods of construction.

The WICS sees the engineering and specialist businesses including SES Engineering Services, Wates building Services and Prism Offsite Manufacturing coming together.

Becoming more sustainable and progressive

Lim said: “What a great time to be not only joining Wates, but specifically Wates Integrated Construction Services, in such a unique period of change for our industry and economy.

“Having spent the last 10 years in this industry, I believe we are about to enter into a period where our sector will experience the fastest technological progress to date. I am extremely pleased to see that WICS has already achieved such a solid foundation ready to build on.

“With enthusiastic support from a great team and ambitious drive from all who have been involved in its creation so far, I believe WICS has all the necessary attributes to become a market-leading construction solutions provider in the UK.

“I am really excited and privileged to play my role in helping it happen.”

Rob Clifford, managing director for WICS, said: “We believe that Inna, with her proven track record, will be a superb addition to the WICS team.

“Her extensive experience in leadership, business strategy and planning make her ideal for this important role which will prove crucial in how WICS evolves and supports our customers in the future.

“At Wates we are committed to continuously evolving our business and offering.

“The newly formed WICS will be a catalyst for enhancing and connecting up our capability, enabling us to become more sustainable, more profitable and more progressive as we modernise our group and make it fit for the future.”


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