British construction tech firm, Elecosoft, celebrates 80th anniversary


Elecosoft, formerly the Electric Lighting and Engineering Company, is celebrating 80 years – evolving from origins in electric lighting design

The Electric Lighting and Engineering Company, which designed and installed the beautiful lanterns on the Victoria Embankment, was incorporated in July 1939, and now, as Elecosoft, it is celebrating 80 years.

John Ketteley, Executive Chairman of Elecosoft

John Ketteley, Executive Chairman of Elecosoft made the following statement:
“Elecosoft is a British success story. From its origins in designing electric lanterns for the lighting of the Victoria Embankment in London in the 1900’s, through to developing and supplying award-winning software solutions to help solve the complex challenges facing major construction projects today, Elecosoft is a company at the forefront of innovation in all the fields in which we have been engaged. Its software has been used in the construction of The Shard in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Reichstag Dome in Berlin and the Jumeirah Park in Dubai, its customers include Boots, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and ASDA.”

He adds, “A lot can happen in 80 years – and a lot did with Elecosoft – from electric lighting design and manufacture, to electrical trunking, timber engineering, precast concrete, concrete lamp posts and industrial roofing mainly in the UK. However, in later years, during the 2008 global financial crisis, financial pressures necessitated Elecosoft to concentrate its long and detailed knowledge of various elements of the construction industry on the development of construction software. It transitioned to become a successful international developer of specialist market-leading construction, visualisation, property maintenance, digital property storage and digital marketing software for the construction industry. It now has centres of excellence for the development and design of specialist construction software in Sweden, Germany and the UK and also has a worldwide network of its own and third party resellers for the sale, marketing, training and support of its software products worldwide.

Elecosoft is fortunate to have been incorporated for 80 years and this really is a cause for celebration. We are pleased to have been able to evolve as a company during that time, and we are also very fortunate to have had such a loyal and resilient workforce over the years. Long distance running requires training, stamina, pace, speed, judgement, and the meticulous execution of a well-planned strategy. Elecosoft was very fortunate that these were the qualities, together with skill, imagination and loyalty, that were shown by our employees along the way – and still – and the future is bright for Elecosoft.”



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