astudio secures modular housing project for Barking and Dagenham

modular framework

Architectural practise, astudio will use revolutionary modular constructon methods to provide high quality modular housing to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

The project is set to utilise astudio’s amodular off-site housing approach, which reduces the cost of modular housing.

The development on Sugden Way in Barking will see a series of council flats delivered in just 60 weeks – cutting the 24 to 30 month time frame of traditional construction processes.

Richard Hyams, Co-founder and CEO of astudio, said: “Securing this planning permission marks a milestone in what has been a four-year journey to prove that there is a better way to procure affordable homes.

To get the go-ahead for a project of this scale, tells us that planners are recognising the value that our approach can bring to a community.


“Our approach offers one potential response for policymakers to consider to help address the UK’s housing crisis.”

The project will be delivered in partnership with regeneration company Be First and offsite modular manufacturer Rollalong.

Manufacturing assembly will begin early next year for completion in summer 2019.

Astudio’s innovative volumetric modular construction method enables more low-energy homes to be built.

The builds will be fitted out and manufactured offsite using precision methods of construction to provide robust, high-design modular housing at less expense than traditional modular housing.

Reduced costs are achieved through bulk purchasing of materials and components, while speeding up the production process and reducing the potential for defects during build.

Multiple fixtures, fittings and cladding options both internally and externally are available, enabling each building to have a distinctive look and feel.


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