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The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme offers designers, manufacturers and constructors, as well as lenders and, ultimately, buyers confidence in Modern Methods of Construction

Formed of two separate assessments – a durability and maintenance assessment of the building product or technology and a process accreditation of the organisation itself – the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) is an accreditation for designers, manufacturers and constructors who are involved in offsite manufacture of systems and products.

But it’s not just for the manufacturers, designers and constructors. The BOPAS scheme also benefits other stakeholders such as property owners and developers, as well as the lending community, valuers and property surveyors.

For property owners and developers, it presents evidence to lenders that their developments will or have been designed, manufactured and constructed by BOPAS-accredited organisations in accordance with an accredited design system.

It also provides transparency as to the construction system via the BOPAS website, giving links to manufacturers’ technical information and literature. The owner can also be assured that the accredited construction technology, system or product will be mortgageable for at least 60 years (two mortgage terms).


Principal risks are identified and mitigated for the designers, manufacturers, suppliers and constructors. This gives an assurance of working to good/best practice guidelines and delivers organisational efficiency identified through the process accreditation, ultimately enabling effective and streamlined procedures.

As a manufacturer of offsite products, BOPAS accreditation can build on existing forms of product certification but uniquely its scope of assessment extends to the completed structure.

Housing associations are already requiring that their constructors ensure product suppliers have BOPAS accreditation. This adds the benefit of independent assurance that the development incorporating non-traditional building systems will deliver consistent performance in terms of energy efficiency and durability for the 60-year life cycle.

An important group of stakeholders is the lending, valuing and property surveying community. Being able to check the status of the construction system or technology of properties that are BOPAS accredited provides lenders with greater confidence at the valuation stage. This same access also gives the valuers technical information before physically going to value the property.

Finally, the public can access the website so that they too can learn and understand about the BOPAS-accredited Modern Methods of Construction used in their home or one they are looking to purchase.

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