Modular Building Institute releases modular construction reports

commercial modular construction

The most comprehensive analyses of the commercial modular construction industry to date has been released to the public by the industry’s largest trade association, the Modular Building Institute (MBI)

MBI made the 2019 Annual Reports publicly available on the association’s website. The reports cover key modular markets, revenue and market share, and growth in various markets and regions.

Each of the three annual reports focuses on a specific sector of the industry – permanent modular construction (PMC), relocatable buildings (RB), and a full overview of the Canadian modular construction industry.

Data for the reports came from MBI member organisations who responded to research queries from MBI and other available data sources.

Commercial modular construction reports

According to the PMC annual report, the North American modular construction industry drove approximately nine billion dollars in construction activity during 2018. Furthermore, permanent modular construction production increased by 12.8% in 2018.


The relocatable buildings report includes guidelines for code compliance in addition to the industry analysis. The demand for relocatable buildings remained strong with a 77.4 utilisation rate in 2018. According to the report, the main markets served by the relocatable buildings industry are modular classrooms and construction offices.

MBI also released the Canadian report – this report covers the Canadian modular construction industry. The report highlights the state of both PMC and RB in Canada. In particular, the report highlights the use of modular construction in building affordable housing in British Columbia.

Modular Building Institute executive director, Tom Hardiman, referred to the annual reports as “one of MBI’s most valuable member benefits.”

He went on to say, “With the industry still going strong in light of everything that’s been going on, it’s exciting to release these reports and help the industry further leverage this great data. And I’m proud of MBI and its members for leading the charge.”

The reports showcase the most comprehensive data on the industry and have become the leading source of information for investment firms, banks, the media, researchers, consultants, and students.

More recent data is set to be released in the 2020 annual reports. These reports will be freely available to MBI members. Non-members have the option of purchasing the 2020 Annual Reports for $500.

For now, the complete 2019 reports are available to the general public in HTML and PDF format. These can be found on the Modular Building Institute website’s Industry Analysis page.


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