DfE launches tender process for Offsite Schools Framework


The Department for Education (DfE) is on the lookout for ten suppliers for its new offsite construction framework to design and build offsite schools

The Department for Education (DfE) wishes to procure a new offsite construction framework for the design and build of offsite schools and educational establishments to support its educational infrastructure delivery programmes and other initiatives.

The DfE offsite framework is being set up “to cultivate innovation and modernise the industry by increasing the adoption of MMC (modern methods of construction) offsite production in the market, in line with the government’s commitment to MMC and its presumption in favour of offsite construction by 2019 across suitable capital programmes, where it represents best value for money.”

The DfE will appoint 10 contractors altogether, 5 in each Lot.

The initial lot “is intended for the delivery of offsite built Secondary Schools and Secondary blocks of Gross Internal Area (GIA) 6 000 m2 and above throughout England, but the DfE may use Lot 1 to deliver batches of primary school schemes.”


The second lot “is intended for the delivery of offsite built primary school schemes and secondary blocks of GIA from 750 to 6 000+ m2 throughout England, but the DfE may use Lot 2 to deliver secondary school schemes above 6 000 m2.”

On its contract notice, DfE also noted: “The contractors may be required to help achieve social and/or environmental policy objectives relating to recruitment, training and supply-chain initiatives, such as apprenticeships and T-Levels. Contract performance conditions may relate to these considerations.”

The DfE Offsite Framework follows previous frameworks let by the DfE for the construction of offsite component solutions for schools.

“Building on the previous frameworks, the new framework will provide a longer term, more efficient framework for all school types that is intended to deliver ever-improving offsite solutions in accordance with the government’s industrial strategy,” the contract notice added.

The deadline for tender bids is 5 August and more information about the contracts can be found here.


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