Construction begins on mega-factory at Horizon 120 business park in Braintree


A new 137,000 sqft build-off-site factory with robotic assembly lines is being built at Horizon 120 business park in Braintree by British Offsite

Construction has commenced at the Horizon 120 business park in Great Notley, Braintree and is scheduled to be completed and open by late 2022.

The mega-factory will offer:

  • the latest in high-tech off-site manufacturing
  • just-in-time automotive manufacturing standards
  • high levels of robotics on the assembly points

Groundbreaking ceremony

British Offsite recently held a ceremony at Horizon 120 business park.

It was attended by Shaun Weston, managing director of British Offsite; Bob Weston, chairman & CEO of Weston Group, parent company and client; David Warburton, managing director of The Marshgate Group (developer of Horizon 120); and Steve Blight, managing director of BPC Land & New Homes, a land acquisition and sales advisor of British Offsite and Weston Homes.

Upon completion


The British Offsite factory and facility at Horizon 120 business park will help the local economy by employing up to 80 people.

The mega-factory will manufacture and distribute building components that British Offsite sell to the new homes industry.

The company’s UniPanel system range includes light gauge panels, walls, roofs and floors alongside internal fitout modules, under the BOS Fitout brand, including bathroom components, kitchen and bedroom products.

Swedish partner Randek AB will deliver the factory’s £6 million production line.

Products will include a host of new machinery, automation and productivity solutions – with British Offsite as the first UK customer.

These products will then be sold on to housebuilders, builders and contractors in the construction sector, with clients including parent company Weston Group.

More about British Offsite

Established in 2019, the build-off-site manufacturing and construction company designs all of its products so that they are easily integrated into existing projects, with full quality control testing before elements reach site.

The new Braintree building will be an expansion of the company’s existing 75,000 sqft factory facility and head office at nearby Skyline Industrial Estate.

This second factory will dramatically expand the size and complexity of British Offsite’s operations and output.

Shaun Weston, managing director of British Offsite has commented:

“We are pleased to have started construction of our new build-off-site manufacturing and distribution centre at Horizon 120 in Braintree which will form a key part of our strategic expansion plans for British Offsite.

“This new state-of-the-art facility will be one of the largest of its kind within the UK property industry, with one of the most advanced light-gauge steel assembly lines in Europe, meaning we can deliver precise products more quickly for our customers.”

Horizon 120 business park

The new facility will make up part of the 65-acre Horizon 120 business park which is located off the A131 at Great Notley.

The park is a centre for light manufacturing and distribution spaces and has provided to 2,000 jobs in this sector.

Previous projects

The 14 storey (50 metre high) £53 million (GDV) Victoria Central apartment building in Southend-on-Sea has recently been completed in record time by British Offsite.

The envelope of the Southend-on-Sea tower was completed in 30% less time than using traditional building methods.

The UniPanel system is NHBC Accepts accredited and system components are carefully selected for all relevant accreditation compliance.


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