19 modular apartments delivered to Royal Arsenal Riverside site

modular apartments,

Forta PRO has delivered 19 modular apartments to Berkeley Homes’ Royal Arsenal Riverside site in London

The officers’ house project consists of luxury apartment complexes in the heart of the Woolwich area.

Supervising every stage, from initial design to prefabrication, shipping, assembly, and finishing, Forta PRO presented 48 modules that became a 6-storey building complex with 19 new modular apartments.

The design had to account for elegance, practicality, and the historical value of the site, as some parts of the neighbouring buildings date back 250 years.

All project details had a 3D blueprint, allowing fitting into the intricate style of the district with a sleek brick facade while implementing useful solutions like large glass panels to attract more light.


During the production process Forta PRO refined the design drawings to make production straightforward, quick and of high quality.

Creating mock-up modules helped to thoroughly test the quality, longevity, and practicality of the future building. Prefabricating life-size modules and assembling kitchen and bathroom pods at the same factory allowed the team to account for all nuances.

Forta PRO was able to ship the first out of 48 ready-made modules for the officers’ house to the site in just over a month to later assemble them using a crane and a small assembly team. The quick onsite installation of the single bed and duplex modular apartments saved time, costs, and resources.

Robert Bird provided structural engineering services for the full volumetric design of Block B, including the production of fabrication drawings.

First residential building in the UK

Gints Bimanis, Forta PRO board member and head of project management, said: “Forta PRO is happy to announce that we have just completed our first residential building in the UK. There were many challenging issues, but we did it in very high quality!”



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