Modular building product to help tackle homelessness across the UK

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Modular construction specialist, Elite Systems has launched a new modular building product to help local authorities tackle homelessness across the UK

Elite Systems has developed a new modular building product that is designed to provide high-quality emergency accommodation for homeless people and offer local authorities a speedy solution.

At the end of 2019, UK charity Shelter estimated that there were 320,000 homeless people in the country, including rough sleepers and those in temporary accommodation.

The issue has been further highlighted by the Covid-19 outbreak, with charities calling for accommodation to be provided for the thousands of rough sleepers who were temporarily housed in hotels.

The modular building product was launched following initial discussions with the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework, which Elite Systems has been part of since 2018.


CCS was looking to develop modular solutions that could be part of the response to the homelessness crisis and turned to Elite to help develop an initial concept.

Elite Systems’ technical team opted to develop the design further to produce a blueprint for a safe, comfortable single-storey home comprising a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/living space.

The module is based on Elite Systems’ LABC-approved modular house – the single module version is fully relocatable, offering local authorities plenty of flexibility, and the design can also be configured as a larger complex for community use.

What’s more, Elite’s emergency accommodation product offers the option of incorporating photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, which gives the option of the building achieving net-zero carbon.

Addressing homelessness

Commenting on the design, Elite Systems’ architectural technician, Roel Carbonel, said: “Homelessness is a large-scale problem in the UK and, thanks to the flexibility of the design, our modular solution could be part of the answer for many local authorities.

“I designed the module first and foremost to be safe and comfortable, giving former rough sleepers and other homeless people a place where they can hopefully begin to rebuild their lives.

“Like all of our modular buildings, this accommodation product is high-quality, using responsibly sourced materials and with considerations in place for the whole life cost of the building, not just the initial outlay – an important consideration for councils.”


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