Modular homes to tackle youth homelessness and unemployment


Centrepoint plans to deliver 300 new modular homes across London and Greater Manchester by 2021 to address youth homelessness

The £50,000-per-unit modular homes plan aims to support young people in low-paid employment or those who are undertaking training programmes such as apprenticeships, rents will be capped at no more than one-third of their income during their tenancy, which will last up to five years.

One of the advantages of modular housing is the ability to transport them between sites to reduce the costs of development due to high land values. Centrepoint is already working with landowners to identify potential sites where they can work in partnership to deliver these much-needed homes for young people.

With plans to deliver 300 new modular homes across London and Greater Manchester by 2021 Centrepoint estimates that 103,000 young people approached their local council last year because they were homeless or at risk.

Centrepoint chief executive, Seyi Obakin, said: “To mark our 50th anniversary this year, Centrepoint is embarking on our most ambitious project yet to help young people into a home and a job.


“Lower benefit rates for under-25s, and a shortage of affordable housing in many areas means that even if they are in work, many of the young people we support cannot afford to move out of our services and in to a home of their own.

“This not only has a huge impact on their ability to focus on getting into work and achieving their potential, but it also means that we cannot house the next group of young people who need our support.

“Over the coming months we are looking forward to building new partnerships with landowners, potential funders, and politicians to turn these ambitious plans into reality for the homeless young people we support.”

Centrepoint’s aim is to provide more than just a safe bed for the night, instead helping young people turn their lives around by gaining essential life skills; tackling their physical and mental health issues; and subsequently moving into education and employment.

These modular homes will be a huge step towards Centrepoint achieving its goals of ending youth homelessness.


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