Buildoffsite & BECG launch offsite industry survey


Buildoffsite and BECG have launched a survey which will highlight the size of the supply chain, and better understand barriers and challenges the offsite industry faces

The survey will create a report on the offsite industry.

Who they are?

Buildoffsite is a membership organisation with members from a wide range of UK and International client, supply, professional services and academic organisations that promotes increased use of offsite methods across all sectors of the UK construction market.

The BECG government relations and advocacy team are experts in political communication, with a track-record in delivering legislative and policy changes as well as securing funding for the built environment.

With their expertise and ability to make changes happen in the current working world this is a critical time to address issues and barriers for the offsite industry in the new “Build Back Better” era.

What do they aim to achieve?


By understanding the barriers and challenges suppliers and buyers face, Buildoffsite and BECG aim to make offsite a more visible and viable option for future construction projects.

They also hope to deliver more opportunities for the offsite supply chain through potential legislative and policy changes.

Through your participation Buildoffsite & BECG will be able to:

  • Provide industry insight
  • Create visibility of the offsite market
  • Breakdown barriers and de-risk offsite as a solution
  • Initiate potential legislative & policy changes for offsite adoption
  • Take steps to create an offsite supplier database
  • Provide new revenue opportunities for the sector.

The survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and the findings will enable Buildoffsite and BECG to understand and drive the changes needed to continue to grow the offsite industry.

You can take the survey here.


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