World’s tallest modular towers hit major milestone


Tide Construction has reached a new milestone in delivering the world’s tallest modular towers in Croydon, by completing their core structures

Tide Construction’s offsite construction company Vision Modular will install the fully-fitted modules around the concrete cores.

The two towers at 101 George Street will be the tallest structures to be built offsite using modular construction methods, and will reach heights of 44 and 38 storeys. The development, which has been forward-funded by Greystar and Henderson Park, will be operated by Greystar and will offer 546 homes for rent within the Build-to-Rent market, providing residents with shared amenities, a professional management team and a 24/7 onsite service.

The short construction process, of just over two years, is made possible through Tide Construction’s efficient delivery. This is compounded with the modules being manufactured in the Vision Modular Systems’ Bedford factory, and then transported onsite. Following the rapid completion of the concrete cores by Tide Construction, Vision Modular will install the precision-manufactured modules and securely position them into place.

Designed by HTA Design, the building will also benefit residents and the local community, who will enjoy amenities ranging from winter gardens, an art gallery, an incubator hub for local businesses and an on-site café.

tallest modular towers,
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Christy Hayes, CEO Tide Construction said: “We are very pleased with the progress we are making in building the world’s tallest modular towers. We are delivering the development according to the set timescales, offering much-needed project certainty to our clients.

“Completing the concrete cores means that we are ready for the next stage of the project, by bringing the first module onsite in Croydon. The modules are built in our factory in Bedford, undergoing strict quality controls, and will create high quality homes to rent for Londoners.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for regeneration and planning at Croydon Council, said: “We are excited to see the delivery of the world’s tallest modular towers progressing so fast, getting closer to offering much-needed quality homes, including affordable properties, to rent in our borough.

“The two towers delivered will make a great contribution to our local economy and community, while enhancing Croydon town centre’s urban landscape with great architecture and design. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps and the first modules to arrive onsite in Croydon.”

Mark Allnutt, senior managing director of Greystar UK, added: “Modular will, without a doubt, play a central role in the future of construction and this development has been a fantastic opportunity for Greystar to become an early adopter. For Greystar it ticks a lot of boxes – it delivers a high-quality product, at speed, in a safe and controlled environment.”


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