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Volumetric modular construction

Jackie Maginnis, chief executive of the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA), explores how the organisation is playing a key role in supporting the modular building industry

The benefits of volumetric modular construction are now widely recognised and this in part is due to the Modular & Portable Building Association (MPBA) playing a key role in promoting the advantages of this most advanced of offsite technologies.

As the single voice representing the sector, the association has prospered and grown – now supporting a wide and diverse membership who specialise in all types of volumetric modular building applications.

The modular and portable industry is worth billions of pounds, so in order for companies to be able to operate at the highest level, it is essential to innovate to remain competitive. To assist, the MPBA collaborates with specialist advisers to improve technical advancements in the design and manufacture of modular buildings.

These can be developed from timber, steel or concrete – in any size and shape to meet specific construction client’s demands while ensuring full compliance with Building Regulations.


The modular industry has had a remarkable impact on reducing costs while increasing quality and safety. Having gained considerable momentum over the past few years, advanced modular techniques reduce build times by an impressive 50-60%.

The demand for customisation has led the volumetric modular manufacturing industry to develop methods for adaptation during the mass production process to meet individual requirements.

MPBA chief executive Jackie Maginnis says: “As an optimum building technique, volumetric modular construction is at the forefront of offsite technology, making up 60-70% of the market. To continue on this upward trajectory, knowledge transfer is vital to our industry and is something that I am very passionate about.

“The MPBA is keen to promote the importance of learnings from those operating across all offsite arenas together with relevant manufacturing sectors such as aerospace and automotive for the betterment of our industry.

“The association has not been idle during Covid-19, we have been looking at how to improve the training within the industry through the MPBA Learning Hub. As with many sectors, to continue to grow we need new innovative people to join our industry. With the specialist nature of what we do ‘off the shelf’ training does not fit the bill – we are developing training to meet our industry’s needs which we will announce later this year.”

Join MPBA and gain important information first

By joining the association, members also have the opportunity to gain valuable news and important information first, together with privileged access to networking and industry events that offer insight into new construction techniques and technologies.

Jackie continued: “We are much more than a talking shop – we quietly get on with the task in hand. Much of this work takes place behind the scenes to proactively support our industry.

“The MPBA leads best practice protocols, the development of standards and is represented on many committees for the benefit of the whole industry. More importantly, we ensure decisions are not made on behalf of the construction industry without due consideration for the impact they may have on the modular sector.”

Joining an association with many other like-minded professionals will open up new collaboration opportunities and add significant value to your company. Members of the MPBA are split into two defined categories:

Full members: Supply for purchase or hire, new manufactured or quality pre-owned modular and portable buildings.

Associate members: Possess strong business contacts within the industry supplying materials, components or services applicable to full members.

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Jackie Maginnis

Chief Executive

Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA)

Tel: +44 (0)1686430400

Twitter: @MPBAUK

LinkedIn: The Modular & Portable Building Association


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