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AEDAS Homes has launched its industrialised Vanian Valley development in Estepona, Spain, using offsite construction to speed up the delivery time of residential projects

Buying a new flat on the Costa del Sol and starting living there a year later is now possible. AEDAS Homes has demonstrated this short delivery time in its exclusive Vanian Valley project, thanks to offsite construction.

José Ignacio Fernández, territorial director of AEDAS Homes in the Costa del Sol, said: “Residential projects for sale on the Costa del Sol are counted in dozens. The competition is very high and in AEDAS Homes we have managed to make a difference with Vanian Valley. We offer what no other promoter [does]: deliver the homes in half the time.

“Both the national client and the foreign buyer of the second residence – which is the predominant profile on the Costa del Sol – acquire a house on a flat and they want to start enjoying it as soon as possible. Vanian Valley is a project that responds to this need.”

The construction of Vanian Valley will begin in the third quarter of this year and the end of the works is expected for the second quarter of 2020 – some 10 months later – so the delivery of the houses will occur once all the licenses have been processed. These periods are considerably shorter than those of traditional construction – which last an average of 18-24 months – and are achieved through offsite construction processes.


This innovative construction process, already consolidated in many other countries, is based on the simultaneous work on the ground – below ground level – and in the factory – assembly of the modules of the houses, which are then moved and assembled on the ground.

“This method will mark a before and after in the real estate sector and is, above all, an added value for final customer,” says Fernandez, who reports that Vanian Valley is the largest offsite project in marketing in Spain in number of houses.

“In addition to the considerable reduction of deadlines, this method is all an extra in the quality of execution, with which, in addition, the thermal-acoustic insulation of the houses is improved,” he explains.

Customers will be able to check the quality of Vanian Valley homes starting in July with the opening of a pilot home.

Thinking about the foreign client, AEDAS Homes has created a LIVE platform where clients can virtually view the homes, thanks to mixed reality.


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