Video: Construction of Beijing’s Daxing International “mega-airport”


Location: Beijing, China.

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Completed: 2019

Construction work has been completed on Beijing’s new Daxing International Airport, which will handle 630,000 flights and 72m passengers a year by 2025.

The four-runway airport comprises a 700,000 sq m terminal and 80,000 sq m ground transportation centre, which has been designed by British firm Zaha Hadid Architects to be extremely user-focused with a six-pier radial layout to maximise flexibility in operations.

China has the world’s fastest-growing aviation sector yet Beijing’s existing airport was already at capacity. Work began on building Daxing International in December 2014.

The new “mega-airport” has been designed to expand to eventually handle 100m passengers and four million tonnes of cargo annually.

Daxing International is expected to officially open on 30 September.


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