Bermondsey student accommodation gains planning permission

Student Accommodation

Alumno Group has been granted planning permission for the construction of new student accommodation on Alscot Road in Bermondsey

This is Alumno Group’s fourth development in Southwark, providing fully integrated facilities student accommodation for 143 people, including high-quality rooms with shared amenities, such as a basement cinema lounge, study room and community area.

Alscot Road will follow the aims of Alumno’s previous projects in delivering key local community benefits and ensuring place-making objectives are met. Working closely with the local Kintore Way Nursery School and Children’s Centre, Alumno has committed to funding an archive project documenting the nursery’s long and fascinating history, which dates back to before the Second World War.

David Campbell, Alumno’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to get the go-ahead to build Alscot Road and to be working in Southwark again, and thank the council for approving this fantastic project.

“The development will not only provide much needed high-quality accommodation for the area’s student population but will also contribute to the vibrancy of this diverse neighbourhood and make a valuable contribution to the local community in line with our ethos of always giving something back.”


Alumno is collaborating with local science researcher Danny Ball on a pioneering and innovative wayfinding technology to meet the growing challenge people face in navigating their way through the modern built environment, particularly those who are visually impaired and hard of sight.

Working with Alumno, Ball has developed a brief and technological tool to establish a network of monitors and signal links to create a Bluetooth-driven wayfinding system. This will be accessible to all local residents and visitors to the area via a smartphone app.


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