Protecting biodiversity and archaeology at Northern Arc site

Burgess Hill, Northern Arc

The Northern Arc scheme in Burgess Hill, Mid Sussex is a 200-hectare strategic 3,500 home development being delivered by Homes England

The Burgess Hill area is rich in archaeological finds, with excavations in the local area uncovering flint tools suggesting local activity dating right back to the Stone Age.

Protecting biodiversity

It is set within a mature landscape of habitats including ancient woodland, mature trees, species-rich hedgerows, semi-improved grassland, watercourses and ponds.

Protecting and enhancing this existing habitat is vital to ensure the Northern Arc has a long-term positive impact on local biodiversity and wildlife.

Archaeology is fundamental to understanding our common history

It provides an excellent opportunity to add value to development through placemaking, community engagement and the possible growth of local heritage tourism.

All findings from the investigations at Burgess Hill will be entrusted to local museums adding to the understanding of the region’s rich, diverse history.

Archaeology South-East conducted site investigations in 2020 and 2021, starting with trenches dug along the line of one of the new roads, to investigate whether any archaeological remains that survived would be adversely affected by any construction work.

Layers of topsoil were stripped back to reveal underlying deposits and the area of investigation was later broadened beyond the direct route of the new road.

The investigations revealed interesting findings that showed evidence of continual historical use. There was however nothing of scale that would adversely affect the programme of works on the site.

The archaeological report will be available in full on the Mid Sussex District Council Planning Portal and a summary of the findings will be included in Sussex Archaeological Collections, the scientific journal for archaeological fieldwork in Sussex.


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