Builders call for tighter regulations to diminish cowboy builders

cowboy builders

A study from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), states that a gargantuan 80% of builders, are in desperate need for regulations that will deter cowboy builders from the construction industry

The report showed that almost all builders surveyed, have had enough of cowboy builders who tarnish the reputation of their trade and would prefer the introduction of a licensing scheme to keep them at bay.

The requisite for tighter regulations is part of the FMB’s call to government, to introduce a licensing scheme following a new post-Grenfell agenda.

Chief Executive of FMB, Brian Berry said that the disaster at Grenfell will always be a terrible reminder of unfathomable loss. “Grenfell reminded us of the price paid when things go wrong in the construction industry (and) raised serious questions about standards, regulation and compliance within the sector.”

Further research into the matter has shown that a third of homeowners in the UK would rather not commission any building work at all in fear of falling victim to a cowboy builder.

The FMB’s research has also revealed that on average, homeowners would be open to spending up to £40,000 on home improvements as long as they could guarantee a genuine contractor.

To view the full report, Raising the bar: A post-Grenfell agenda for quality and professionalism in construction click here:


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