[VIDEO] Europe’s biggest cantilevered pool built in Spain


The biggest cantilevered pool in Europe, and the second biggest in the world, has been completed in Murcia, Spain

The cantilevered pool is part of the Odiseo leisure development being built by Spanish-American architecture and interior design firm Clavel Arquitectos.

The cantilevered pool is 42m in length, 20m of which are cantilevered on each side of the enclosure of the building.

Following the tradition that the author should take the risk of testing his own creation, Clavel Arquitectos founder and architect Manuel Clavel Rojo was the first to go for a dip.

The Odiseo will include a forest elevated up to 30m higher protected by a latticework of tubs that, together with sheets of water cascading from under the shade, will acclimatise the space, controlling the temperatures generated by the intense Mediterranean sun. This follows the traditional patio designs used to control temperature going back to the 10th century, using natural wind currents, in this case heightened when passing between the tubes on the façade.

The 12,000 sq m layout will merge the gardens with spaces for leisure, restaurants, art and performance.

Location: Murcia, Spain

Project team: Clavel Arquitectos

Completion: January 2020


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