As part of the prime minister’s cabinet reshuffle, Esther McVey has been removed from her role as housing minister

Less than seven months into the housing minister role, Esther McVey has been fired.

In less than ten years the Conservatives have gone through ten housing ministers.

Industry reaction

Commenting on the announcement, Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions, said:  “A new parliament, a new housing minister. One has to think whether this cabinet position holds any real relevance anymore – it has become something of a merry-go-round, with Esther McVey’s successor becoming the tenth person to hold this position in as many years.

“Given the challenges facing the UK property market, the lack of consistent leadership from the government in this space is extremely frustrating. We will never be in a position to properly address issues like the housing crisis, not to mention the obstacles preventing people from jumping on and moving up the property ladder, until Westminster gives the position of housing minister more respect and consideration.

“One can only hope that with a majority government now in place, this will be the last cabinet reshuffle we see for some time. But I for one believe too many MPs see the position as little more than stepping-stone.”

Félicie Krikler, director at Assael Architecture, said: “There is a total incompatibility between the political cycles and the long-term aspects of housing, and appointing the tenth housing minister in the last ten years makes a complete mockery of the role.

“The industry needs stability to make progress on the housing front and bring forward policies that clarify questions over design, quality and delivery methods concerning the homes we build.

“Understanding and addressing the issues troubling the market takes time and effort, and while another minister gets to grips with the role, we have high streets in need of reform and high-quality homes in need of building.

“I hope whoever steps in to fill McVey’s place will be able to quickly adapt and contribute to the UK’s housing needs.”

McVey was amongst a number of ministers who have been removed by Boris Johnson, including; environment secretary Theresa Villiers, business secretary Andrea Leadsom, Julian Smith Northern Ireland Secretary and Geoffrey Cox, Attorney General.

Chancellor Sajid Javid also resigned.


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