GMB Southern call on workers at Carillion sub-contractors


GMB Southern is appealing for workers at Carillion sub-contractors to contact the union so that it can help them to get continuity of work and payment for work they have done

GMB Southern, the union for workers in facilities management and construction, is calling on all workers who were working for Carillion sub-contractors on projects in the South East and South West to get in touch with the union to secure rights and jobs.

Last week Carillion went into liquidation leading to tens of thousands of workers across the country not knowing if their jobs would be lost and if they would be paid for work they had already done.

In the aftermath of the collapse of Carillion the Government set up a task force to deal with the issues that arise. The task force met on 19 January and GMB is represented on the task force by the TUC.

The unions are aiming to deal with these issues:

– The transfer of private sector contracts to alternative providers with jobs, pay and pensions protected

– A comprehensive support package for at-risk workers, apprentices and small firms

– Protection for agency and zero-hours workers on Carillion contracts to ensure they can recover unpaid wages

– Bringing Carillion’s public-service contracts back in-house to ensure consistent delivery and certainty for workers;

– An urgent risk assessment on other large outsourcing firms to avoid another crisis, and a moratorium on future outsourcing.

Paul Maloney, GMB Regional Secretary for Southern Region, said:

“Over the past week GMB has been in touch with members employed by Carillion across the region to assist them in securing right at work and their jobs and we have been able to make good progress in many places.

“We have become very aware that as well as the direct workers that there is a huge number of workers employed by Carillion subcontractors who are in the same boat as the direct workers. We are aware of widespread sub-contractors involved with the maintenance of armed forces houses across the region for example.

“Many of these workers are not in the GMB so we don’t have contact details for them. We are appealing via the media for them to contact GMB so that we can help them to get continuity of work and payment for work they have done. GMB where necessary will raise problems with the Government task force if this can help.

“I am asking them to contact Michelle Gordon on mobile 07866 369 259 or email her on”


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