Housebuilders can keep track of offsite construction developments via a new hub


The NHBC has launched a new website that enables housebuilders to track developments in modern methods of construction

Offsite construction development can now be tracked by housebuilders using a new website. The National House-Building Council (NHBC) launched the hub to enable the industry to see where modern methods of construction (MMC) are being built.


The MMC Hub will also give access to research into offsite construction for those interested in the field. This will be available for free.

Furthermore, assistance will be available to help builders determine if specific building systems meet the standards set by the NHBC.

Manufacturers will be able to submit their systems and sub-assemblies for an assessment. From this it will be determined if they meet the requirements set by their technical standards.


Support offered comprises of:

  • Details of building systems currently accepted
  • Information about MMC research
  • Access to details of NHBC’s MMC requirements
  • Examples of what’s included in their review process
  • An online application facility
  • Details of how to apply for a review
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Supporting innovation

NHBC standards manager Paul Cribbens said: “For decades NHBC has supported the industry in engaging with and deploying innovative forms of construction.

“Because our approach to acceptance of MMC/off-site construction is rigorous it provides confidence to all involved that if a home benefits from an NHBC warranty then the system has been thoroughly assessed.

“We hope that the new hub will act as the leading resource for manufacturers wanting to apply for a review, with details of the building systems currently accepted together with the very latest research.”

Module construction

This method of building is one that is continuing to see growth. It offers a cheap, affordable solution to constructing homes quickly. With government support behind this method of construction it is likely it will continue to dominate the housebuilding sector.


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