New £150m mental facilities in Tooting get the green light

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South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG) has gained approval to begin work on its two new mental health facilities for south west Londoners

This £150m development will see the construction of two new mental health facilities set to open in 2022 on its largest site in Tooting, south London.

Eight new inpatient wards will be boosted by the modernisation of the NHS trust’s community services. SWLSTG has already commenced construction work on this programme, which will include new housing and a 32-acre public park.

SWLSTG will be working with Springfield and Tolworth Estate Partnership (STEP), a 50/50 partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures Ltd and Kajima Partnership to complete the project.

Estate Modernisation Programme

This huge milestone in the Trust’s Estate Modernisation Programme marks a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way the SWLSTG delivers mental health services for 1.1m south west Londoners.

SWLSTG has successfully built the case for change to support the development of mental health facilities fit for the 21st century.

The plans, now formally approved, will bring forward a range of benefits, including:

  • World-class mental health inpatient facilities
  • 839 brand new homes
  • A 32-acre public park
  • Community shops and a café
  • Extensive community healthcare
  • Land to be made available for a new school
  • More than £5m for new transport facilities.

Government approval for mental health facilities

SWLSTG received government approval for its Full Business Case for the development following extensive engagement with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Improvement, NHS England and Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Ann Beasley CBE, chair of SWLSTG, commented: “This is the biggest landmark yet in our Estate Modernisation Programme and we are extremely proud of getting permission to go ahead and being able to start work on these brand-new, first class inpatient facilities.

“This new environment will make a huge difference to our patients and the way we provide the best quality care towards their recovery.

“It is incredibly important to us that we provide patients with the best environment and services possible and we are pleased to have done this primarily through raising our own funds.

“Furthermore, this work will ensure that the Springfield University Hospital site is regenerated in a way which reduces the stigma of mental health conditions by integrating our organisation with our community.”

Vanessa Ford, acting chief executive of SWLSTG, said: “We have been developing the plans for our brand-new mental health inpatient wards for many years and we are delighted to have received government approval, meaning we can begin construction on these state-of-the-art inpatient buildings.

“The wards will revolutionise the way we deliver care for generations to come and ensure we can provide high quality and safe services. The new facilities have been carefully designed alongside our clinicians and service users to provide the most supportive environment and innovative facilities for the delivery of mental health care.

“As well good news for patients, the new hospital facilities will be good news for the environment with much more efficient use of energy and working towards a carbon-neutral footprint.”


  1. Reducing the stigma of mental illness is a curious goal.

    Why support those who say there is one, we can do far better than that; and why suggest keeping some, we can do far better than that


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