Care homes,

Nexus Planning has secured planning permission at appeal for a much-needed 66-bed care home in Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex

Working on behalf of developers, Frontier Estates, Nexus secured the later living planning permission on a former poultry farm in January 2021.

Despite an officer recommendation for approval, the application was initially refused by the Council’s Planning Committee because of concerns relating to design and trees.

Nexus co-ordinated and lodged a compelling appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and represented Frontier Estates at an Appeal Hearing in November last year.

The Nexus team succeeded in reassuring the Inspector that the design would be suitable and that there would be no harm caused to trees near the site.

The Inspector agreed that the site was in a sustainable location and that the scheme would make an important contribution towards meeting identified unmet need for accommodation for older people in the District.

Frontier Estates was also awarded a partial award of their costs associated with the appeal.

Nexus Planning submitted a second planning application to the Local Planning Authority, for the same amount of development but with modest design amendments.

This application was approved by the Council in December 2020, meaning Frontier Estates now has two planning permissions for the site.

Addressing care home needs

Adrian Kearley, senior consultant at Nexus Planning London, said: “We’re thrilled with the result of this appeal.

“We’re aware there is an increasing national need for residential care homes, and in West Sussex this was particularly apparent.

“Now that Frontier Estates have two planning permission, we’re looking forward to this scheme coming forward to help address these care needs.”


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