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Bouygues UK has a culture of knowledge sharing, adopting best practices, and embracing new ideas. In this article, we explain how the construction giant has adopted Payapps – an online payment management solution – to improve efficiency across the supply chain

Before the management of applications for payment was digitalised, the construction industry experienced a lack of transparency surrounding this process – a fact that was not lost on the team at Bouygues UK.

Bouygues UK has onboarded Payapps across several of its projects, to transform its payment management, and has seen significant improvements in the visibility of the payment process.

The video kicks off with Payapps, who is onsite with Bouygues UK, and subcontractors GTek and Swiftline Engineering Ltd.

Fabrice Davis, deputy commercial director at Bouygues UK, explains the benefits of using the payment management solution: “Using Payapps is really useful because the system receives the applications from the subcontractors.

“We haven’t got to worry about making sure they’ve submitted them or not, and also it prompts the commercial staff and engineers to make sure they do their payment notices on time.”

‘A single source of truth’

We then hear from Anne Smales, deputy commercial director at Bouygues UK, who adds: “There’s a single source of truth we can see at a glance when an application is received and similarly when a notice was issued and there can be no question about those key dates, so it’s very easy to check.”

“We can access each stage of the payment, we can see the status, we can realise it, in real-time.” – Jim Howe, head of business development, Gtek Plant, Bouygues UK subcontractor. 

The benefits of Payapps for contractors

Payapps’ payment management solution has multiple benefits for contractors across the supply chain. The collaborative digital software not only improves processing efficiency to save time and money, but also ensures compliance and reduces the risk of missing payment notice deadlines.

Anne Smales comments: “[Payapps gives us] consistency in the way we make our assessments, the way we validate it internally from project to project, whether that’s for our staff or whether it’s for our subcontractors, ultimately that’s what [it] gives us, is strength in our compliance.”

Full visibility of the valuation process for improved forecasting

Mark Nice, commercial manager at Bouygues UK, adds how the payment management solution ensures full visibility of the valuation process for improved forecasting: “We’ve got visibility of everything coming in, there’s less chasing – probably none at all – to get the subcontractors to submit their applications. The notifications go out with the same wording, there’s a consistency of what goes out.”

The benefits of Payapps for subcontractors and the supply chain

By using Payapps payment management solution, subcontractors can make submissions in a much simpler and faster way, which improves efficiency.

The software also includes variations management for the accuracy of projected final accounts, which improves the tracking of payments and cash flow visibility.

Jim Howe, head of business development at Gtek stated: “It’s minimised the risk of human error for one.

“Secondly, it has minimised the amount of people who need to be involved within the process. Being a web-based product, that is superb for us.

“Right now we’re actually enjoying the fact that we can operate the system and check on payments on the move, so when we were approached to use Payapps we thought ‘great, fantastic’!”

Comprehensive subcontractor onboarding process and excellent ongoing support

Howe commented: “The support has been really good, the onboarding process has been second to none, they’ve been at hand to answer pertinent questions quite thoroughly”.

Laura Riseley, senior quantity surveyor, Bouygues UK added: “As soon as you message in, Payapps get back to you in a couple of minutes, and then they’ll always call you as well if it’s easier than doing it by the chat.”

Payapps is used on 1000s of global projects, providing £100,000s in annual savings – all that is needed to manage applications for payments, in a single solution.

Inspired by Bouygues UK’s approach? Contractors and their supply chains have relied on Payapps to manage £4.5bn of applications for payment over the last year.

Why not book your demo today to see how Payapps can digitise your applications for the payment process?

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