Construction bodies support new conflict avoidance pledge


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) new Conflict Avoidance Pledge will reduce the financial cost of disputes and help projects be delivered on time and in budget

Under the pledge, clients and contractors commit to implementing conflict avoidance measures in their contracts and on site.

Organisations signing up to the pledge are encouraged to work collaboratively and use early intervention techniques throughout the supply chain to try and resolves issues before they escalate into disputes.

The Conflict Avoidance Procedure (CAP) helps parties avoid disputes and agree on a settlement by mediating discussions, providing impartial and objective assessments of the issues, recommendations for bases for settlement and providing expert advice.

Several professional bodies in the construction and engineering sectors have signed up to the pledge. These include, for example, the Institute of Civil Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects, Transport for London and Network Rail.

The ambition of this collaboration is to promote greater understanding and use of conflict avoidance techniques, which help contracting parties deal with differences of opinion early and amicably, and avoid costly, slow and potentially damaging litigation.

A stronger industry

Andy Mitchell, chair of the Construction Leadership Council, said: “The CLC fully endorses the Conflict Avoidance Pledge. Preventing the escalation of problems with the delivery of construction projects into disputes is in the best interests of the whole supply chain and will save the industry significant time and money.

“The pledge has already delivered measurable results for those organisations that have used it, and we hope others will adopt it, and help to build a more collaborative and stronger industry.”

You can sign up to the Conflict Avoidance Pledge and find further guidance on avoiding conflict, including the Conflict Avoidance Procedure, here.


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