Five organisations working to deliver more custom and self build housing opportunities via community-led projects will receive tailored expert advice from the Right to Build Task Force

Funding has been set aside to enable a panel of experts to support up to five suitable projects on a time-limited basis.

This advice – worth up to £2,500 – will be offered completely free of charge by the Task Force.

Established by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) and endorsed by Government, the Right to Build Task Force works to support local authorities, community groups and a range of stakeholders across the UK to deliver affordable custom and self build projects.

The aim is to help grow community-led housing, through free packages of advice to help five groups progress to the next stage of their goal and to meet their own affordable housing needs.

How can the Right to Build Task Force help?

Tailored advice

  • Facilitating workshops or training events to help build a better understanding of what custom and self build housing is and how it can be delivered
  • Enabling neighbourhood planning initiatives, such as the preparation of planning policies and proposals and neighbourhood development orders to bring forward serviced building plots
  • Understanding local demand, selecting suitable sites and support in preparing planning applications
  • Advice on appointing professional services

The free advice equates to up to five working days of support by one of the Right to Build Task Force’s panel of experts.

This is dependent on the group’s requirements and subject to agreeing (but not necessarily starting) the scope of work by the end of 1 September 2018.

The Task Force will make a decision on which groups to support based on the expressions of interest received, so groups should include as much detail as possible to help it determine the viability of each project and its potential to deliver new community-designed homes.

The chosen projects or initiatives will need to bring forward custom or self build housing, must result in at least five homes and an element of affordable housing.


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