UKCW Role Models to boost industry talent


UK Construction Week is launching a new initiative for 2018 to help the industry compete for talent. It will do this by taking role models in the industry and elevating their profile and their story in a nationwide publicity campaign through trade and consumer media

Society is changing quickly, and so is the construction industry. Huge challenges remain around the recruitment of new people into the sector, as it competes with other parts of the economy in exactly the same predicament.

Nathan Garnett, Event Director for UKCW said: “There are some amazing people working in the sector and their stories can be inspirational to others. So we are planning for UK Construction Week to act as a platform to do just that, inspire a new generation of construction professionals to join this rewarding and exciting industry.”

UKCW Role models will also be asked to take part in an outreach programme, attending colleges and schools in the coming months to talk to students and teachers at key stages of their education to explain what inspired them to choose construction as a career and bust any myths around the image of construction.

UK Construction Week is looking for professionals to apply or to be nominated. This is an opportunity for people to raise their own profile if they feel they deserve it, or for colleagues to nominate professionals they feel deserve recognition.  This is a great chance for a company to raise its profile by showcasing its talent, as well as helping to recruit a whole new generation of construction professionals.

This is aimed at all walks of the sector, whether you are a newly qualified apprentice, or someone who has transferred into the sector from the military or automotive industries.  You could be working in facilities management, architecture, energy management, civil engineering, site management, bricklaying, digital construction, electro technical installation, roofing….the list goes on! UKCW require a diverse and representative selection to show the world the myriad of opportunities and talent the sector holds.

Successful UKCW Role Models will be asked to speak at UK Construction Week on the Mainstage or individual show stages.

Whilst all those selected in the group will gain significant profile from the campaign, there will be awards presented at the event itself to those who have been selected by the UKCW Advisory Committee to have been deemed the UKCW Role Models of the year. These will be presented at UK Construction Week on 9 October.

Deadline for Nominations is Friday 27 April.

To enter or nominate, visit and submit a 300-word max biography and a short summary (fewer than 300 words) on why you or your nomination should be selected.


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