AmeyBriggs wins £240.2m MITER defence contract

defence contract

AmeyBriggs has been awarded a £240.2m contract to maintain and manage the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) fleet of construction and materials handling equipment

AmeyBriggs, a new joint venture between Amey plc and Briggs Defence, will manage the MOD’s fleet of construction and materials until 2027.

MITER is a new MOD defence contract involving the deployment and maintenance of key equipment used by the UK’s Armed Forces around the world as well as supporting military personnel in how to use it.

The seven-year contract is valued at £240m and brings together three separate contracts under one single fleet management and maintenance provision arrangement.

The Defence Mechanical Handling Equipment (DMHE), Protected Engineering Equipment and C-vehicle Capability contracts now form part of the new consolidated MITER contract.

This will support the MOD’s requirement to ensure a sustained and consistent service for British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel on deployed operations at home and overseas.

Around 180 staff and supply chain partners will be transferred into AmeyBriggs. Its focus is to capitalise on elements of both businesses, maximising technological developments to make continuous improvements to service delivery and provide innovative solutions.

Maintaining critical infrastructure

Gary Clements, managing director of Briggs Defence, said: “We are delighted that the MOD has recognised the value of the Amey and Briggs Defence proposition, in particular our ability to deliver high levels of service and maintain flexibility in supporting an end-to-end capability.

“We look forward to maximising our respective expertise and working with top UK equipment manufacturers to provide innovative solutions through a whole force approach that meets the complex needs of our Armed Forces.”

Craig McGilvray, managing director for secure infrastructure at Amey, added: “Amey is proud to sit at the heart of the Armed Forces community, using data-driven optimisation to maintain critical infrastructure nationwide.

“Our joint venture with Briggs Defence has an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and experience that makes us uniquely placed to deliver this contract for the MOD, but critically where the operational and training needs of serving personnel are put first.

“We look forward to working closely with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to deliver on that commitment and to supporting our Armed Forces.”


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