Brickmaker to resume production

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Brickmaker, Ibstock will resume production on Monday (27 April), following its temporary suspension to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic

A few weeks ago, Ibstock took the decision to temporarily suspend its operations in support of the UK government’s effort to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control and to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues in a very uncertain time.

Now, along with much of the UK building industry, the brickmaker will begin to safely bring some colleagues back into the workplace, from Monday.

Commenting on the decision, the company said: “This will allow us to commence a phased approach to restart activity in some of our factories over the following weeks, prioritising those with higher demand and ensuring we can continue to support the UK’s construction industry and get Britain building again.

“As the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is paramount, we have introduced enhanced protocols to ensure compliance with social distancing, hygiene and current guidelines regarding Covid-19.”

Ibstock revealed that all of its sites would undergo a ‘safe-start’ session before commencing operations to support these ongoing protective measures.

Supply chain strength

Joe Hudson, CEO of Ibstock, said: “It’s at times like this that the relationships which we have with our customers and across the supply chain demonstrate their most significant value and increase the combined strength of all our businesses.

“Our suppliers have been supportive of the actions that we have taken to date during this crisis and have been flexible and understanding around the unique circumstances that we have all found ourselves in. Whether in the raw material supply chain, distribution or other areas of supply, we want you to know we hugely appreciate the efforts that you are making to continue to supply our essential resources.

“We hope that you recognise the additional efforts we are making to communicate our needs and requirements as early as possible, in the same manner as we are asking our customers to keep us informed.”


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