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In a short space of time, Britlift has established a reputation for innovative, flexible and bespoke lifting equipment for modular homes

Britlift deigns and manufactures below-the-hook lifting equipment, such as lifting beams, lifting frames and spreader beams, as well as supplying load cells, pins, slings and shackles.

The firm specialises in engineering consultancy design services, offering custom equipment, rig design, lift planning, site visits and inspections, CE marking, in-house testing and more.

Britlift founders, Liam Botting and Anthony Culshaw wanted this customised approach to ensure they truly met the needs of clients, who may typically be offered a ‘square peg, round hole’ off-the-shelf option by suppliers.

And because they fabricate in-house, it means tighter control of lead times, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall cost of a project.

“We can design a bespoke solution for any situation, environment or industry, or overcome an ongoing lifting headache. Whether it be a lift taking place inside (limited headroom), offshore, subsea, at altitude or in plus or minus 40-degree temperatures, we have the innovation and service to offer a customised solution to fit clients’ needs,” Botting added.

“Whether it be supplying to the nuclear, offshore, construction or maritime industries, whether it be under incredibly short lead times or whether it be manufacture under high-spec conditions or standards, we enjoy the challenge and enjoy providing our clients with a totally unique service.”

In addition to offering advice, design and manufacture services, Britlift can visit sites to oversee onsite testing or review an existing system to either fit new equipment or make modifications.

The company can also supply associated equipment such as shackles, wire rope, chains, Dyneema, load cells, load links, load shackles, skidding equipment and more.

Spreader beams

Britlift’s Traditional Modular Spreader beam comes in a huge range of standard sizes and has been optimised to make it the lightest system of its kind worldwide and is available in a range of standard sizes from 4 tonnes up to 1,000 tonnes.

Because it is a modular system, the beam can be reassembled at different lengths, saving the user the cost of a new beam.

Modular spreader beams are available off-the-shelf for both purchase and hire. Sizes immediately available are 4, 8, 13, 24, 34, 50 and 70-tonne systems.

Britlift can also supply associated rigging, including slings, shackles and load monitoring.

The modular system is easy to handle, transport, store, stock and spec, and custom sizes can be manufactured within one to two weeks.

Britlift can advise on what type of equipment will best suit the load and how to carry out the lift safely.

Lifting beams

Lifting beams are commonly used for indoor and other low height and low headroom situations. They are also often used where multiple bottom connection points are required.

Britlift can design and manufacture lifting beams to suit a range of applications from as light as 100kg right up to in excess of 100 tonnes.

All Britlift products and services comply with relevant European, US and global lifting standards. The company is fully insured as a designer and manufacturer of spreader and lifting beams, including professional indemnity, product, employer and public insurances.

Britlift’s bespoke approach has seen the firm secure work on several high-profile projects at home and abroad in a short space of time, capitalising on the boom in modular construction and giving it unrivalled knowledge of the lifting requirements in the sector.

With plans to ramp up manufacturing and engineering capabilities, Britlift is on course to reach new heights as the manufacturer of choice for custom-designed lifting equipment.



Liam Botting

Managing Director


Tel: 01305 236123

Twitter: britlift_sales


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