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A recently published comprehensive study on excavators has revealed that the market will witness a modest 3.2% increase in 2019, as the heavy construction equipment industry recovers

The study finds that the demand for excavator will improve as the heavy construction equipment industry has been recovering from a major slump. Owing to the positive growth of the construction industry, especially in developing countries, the excavator market is expected to witness steadily increasing growth in the future.

The construction industry accounts for over 70% volume share in excavator market

Excavators are commonly used in a wide range of sectors including construction, mining, agriculture, and forestry. However, according to the report, the construction industry is expected to hold the largest volume share – approximately 72% by the end of 2019. Manufacturers in the excavator market are focusing on introducing performance features that will suit the requirements of end-users from the construction industry to capitalize on the increasing demand for excavators as construction equipment.

The report finds that the sales of excavators as construction machinery were around 5.5x higher than its sales as forestry & agricultural equipment in 2018. Higher demand for excavators in the construction industry is mainly spurred by roads and highway projects, and the study remains bullish of the potential rise in the share of the construction industry in global sales of excavators in the coming future.

Stringent environmental regulations create challenges for excavator manufacturers

Despite steady demand from the construction industry, stringent environmental regulation and high-quality standards for conventional excavators continue to create manufacturing challenges for market players.

Conventional excavators are subject to guidelines regulating the use and operation of heavy equipment. Manufacturers in the excavator market need to conform to these stringent regulatory requirements, which may add to the production cost, ultimately restricting manufacturers from maintaining competitive prices.

Emerging nations hold lucrative opportunities for excavator market players

The fortunes of excavator manufacturers are closely linked to the broader macroeconomic policies, most notably investment in infrastructural development. The Asia Pacific is home to two of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Moreover, many small economies in the region are ramping up their archaic network of roads and highways, creating significant demand for heavy construction equipment.

According to the study, the high cost of excavators continues to induce a preference for renting. As excavators are cost-sensitive, renting continues to be a feasible option, especially in micro-projects.

Read the full report here.


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