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SVK fibre cement façades

SVK fibre cement façades from Wienerberger offer a fully customisable cladding solution that allows architects and specifiers to experiment with an endless range of creative possibilities

The façade material chosen for an architectural project has the largest influence on the building’s overall design, with eye-catching cladding layouts and shades becoming a simple yet effective way of enhancing a structure’s aesthetic appeal. By combining contemporary aesthetics with durability, SVK cladding can successfully contribute to a dynamic, functional and safe built environment.

The SVK fibre cement façades collection features four decorative panel ranges – Ornimat, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colormat. Within these collections are a diverse selection of colour and finish options that can be used singularly or combined to suit any design scheme. Ideal for high-rise structures and larger construction or renovation projects, the spectrum of bright to neutral shades have the potential to create real impact when used on a large-scale.

fibre cement, SVK, Facades, Wienerberger
Apartment building, Rotterdam

Fibre cement is an ideal material for exterior cladding panels as it offers many benefits such as strength, durability, an excellent fire performance rating and resistance to mould, rot and bacteria, as well as no risk of shrinkage, warping or cracking once installed. The SVK façade solution has an A rating under the Euroclass system (European Standard EN-13501-1), which means it has been classified as a non-combustible material under rigorous fire safety tests. The material will not fuel a fire within a building or ignite when exposed to flames.

Bespoke panels in any RAL colour can also be ordered so designers can fully realise their vision without compromising on colour scheme. SVK can offer product with colour all the way through to provide a clean finish, with a 10-year guarantee that the colour won’t fade (Decoboard and Ornimat) and a 30-year design life guarantee.

SVK allows for experimentation with proportions and scale. To minimise wastage, panels can be created in bespoke sizes or cut on site, with the potential to produce large and small format pieces for simple or intricate patterns and layouts, secured using a variety of fixing methods. Most designs are available in a choice of 8mm and 10mm thicknesses. 

fibre cement, SVK, Facades, Wienerberger
Netherlands Hospital, SVK Ornimat

SVK cladding products are extremely low maintenance and can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent, with no specialist chemicals or processes required. Colourfast, UV resistant and hydrophobic coatings can be applied to the fibre cement to offer additional protection against weather and pollution.   

The SVK collection also features a variety of decorative surface textures to deliver an even greater aesthetic range, from naturalistic light sanded cement to smooth matte surfaces. These finish options can deliver a striking, uniform look or add depth to the façade through the mixing and matching of complementary and contrasting effects.

Another dimension to the flexibility of precision-engineered SVK fibre cement façade panels is that they can be easily installed alongside other façade systems or more traditional wall solutions, such as brick, for an interesting mixed material look.

Lightweight but strong, SVK panels can be installed quickly, efficiently and safely on to a timber or aluminium sub-frame with rivets or screws, minimising labour costs and disruption to public facilities.

The SVK façade system provides a building solution to commercial, residential and public sector projects that not only delivers in terms of functionality, safety and value for money but also surpasses expectations when it comes to design flexibility. With a diverse colour spectrum and a multitude of finish options to choose from, this high-quality cladding product leaves specifiers and designers spoilt for choice when creating distinctive and innovative building surfaces.


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